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Green Leadership Certification Overview     

Sustainable Leadership

What is Sustainable Leadership? What situations do you encounter? What is your impact on the situation? What successes and pitfalls are there? And what can we learn from each other?

In this 3-day training you will:
• Learn what sustainable leadership means
• Learn what role legislation plays in the field of sustainability and what it demands of your organization
• Gain insight into your own leadership style and what sustainable leadership requires of you
• Receive tools that you can immediately start using within your organization

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Green Leadership Obeya

Measure, share and improve your OKR’s to give priority to your sustianable future.

The training focuses on management based on measurable values with the Sustainable Development Goals as additional input. This training has 2 variants:

Foundation: 1 day – theory and working together to set up the Obeya.
Practitioner: day 1 of Foundation plus a 2nd day with practical application and intervision.

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Green Project Management GPM-b

Maximize sustainability in a project or assignment through a thorough deployment of P5. The GPM-b-certificering is the first globally recognized sustainable project management reference for professionals.

In this 2-day training you prepare for the exam by discussing the theory interactively together and carrying out assignments with your group.

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Green Design Thinking

Design sustainable solutions with the creative Green Design Thinking – GDT. GDT combines the application of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the creation of sustainable products and services for your customers. The training consists of 2 days.

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