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#Green Leadership Obeya.     

Measure, share and improve your OKRs to prioritize your sustainable future

The training Green Leadership Obeya focuses on management based on measurable values with the Sustainable Development Goals as additional input.

Green Obeya

What is Obeya and how to involve Sustainability?

Green Obeya FoundationAn Obeya means a “big room” (literal translation from Japanese). In this room, every task and goal of an organization is visually presented. This creates an (digital) overview and better, more effective collaboration. Obeya is the method to apply your sustainable management strategy in practice.

We will set up Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) based on your Value delivery. These can be both products and services. We will do this based on Obeya principles and with agreed roles.
From different Obeya methods we will select te one most suitable to your (future) sustainable environment. 

The training is interactive, we work together as much as possible to discover and learn.

This training has 2 variants:

Foundation: 1 day – theory and working together to set up the Obeya.
Practitioner: day 1 of Foundation plus a 2nd day with practical application and intervision.


Setting up a Green Obeya means that you have to collect data and information. You need this information to make decisions together and to monitor whether the effects of measures have the desired effect. An additional advantage of the Obeya setup is that it is much easier to report regularly from the collected data. For example, the mandatory 2024 CSRD reporting becomes part of sustainable business operations. The time that remains can be spent on initiatives for further developments and even better corporate social responsibility.

Green Obeya
Green Leadership Obeya
Green Obeya
The Global Goals
Green Obeya

General about the training


No specific pre-education is required for the 1-day Obeya. Higher Profession Education working and thinking level

Training material

Handouts, Mentimeter (for the exercises), Practice materials (templates and instructions).


You pay the investment of € 495 (including e-books and materials, excluding VAT) on the basis of the invoice you receive by email.

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