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#GDT Green Design Thinking.     

Design sustainable solutions with the creative Green Design Thinking GDT.

GDT combines the application of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the creation of sustainable products and services for your customers.

Green Design Thinking

How do you add the value “Sustainability” to your products and services?

Green Design Thinking (GDT) to arrive at solutions that are desirable, feasible, viable and sustainable .


Green Design Thinking FoundationBy starting in humans with hopes, fears and needs, we quickly discover what is most desirable. But that’s just one lens through which we look at our solutions.

Once we have determined a scope of solutions, we zoom in on what is technically feasible to actually implement and how to make the solution financially viable.

But now comes the big challenge, how do you make your product, project or process sustainable. By answering questions with special techniques, we arrive at interesting and suitable solutions.

The 1st step in the GDT training is to gain insight into the 17 SDGs that we have designated as a world. We teach you how to read, combine and use this.

In the 2nd part we take you into the world of Design Thinking. A creative method consisting of discovering, defining, developing and delivering a prototype for a sustainable product.

The benefits of GDT:

  • Increased product, process and service benefits in projects / change processes preceded by design thinking.
  • Massive risk reduction by discovering project/change path viability before all work is done.
  • Reduced sense of uncertainty about the length of time and level of people’s involvement through design thinking.
  • The integration of DT into routine activities during changes.
  • Increase the possibility to design a really good and sustainable solution.
Green Design Thinking - Double Diamond
Green Design thinking - Double Diamond
Green Design Thinking - Double Diamond
The Global Goals
GDT Standard

General about the GDT trainings


No specific pre-education is required for the 2-day training. Higher professional education working and thinking level

Training material

Handouts, Mentimeter (for the exercises), Practice materials (templates and instructions) and E-Books “Facilitation Guide” and “Toolkit and worksbook”


You pay the investment of € 995 (including e-books and materials, excluding VAT) on the basis of the invoice you receive by email.

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