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#Sustainable Leadership     

Empower your organization for a thriving future and a sustainble transformation

What is Sustainable Leadership? What situations do you encounter? What is your impact on the situation? What successes and pitfalls are there? And what can we learn from each other?

Green Leadership Certification Model

The Sustainable Leadership Model

Sustainable Leader Certified PractitionerIn three days we will go through the Sustainable Leadership Model together.

  1. Model introduction
  2. Sustainable Leadership and the 9 Principles
  3. The balance between Run and Change
  4. Lead the sustainable organization
  5. Change (transformation)
  6. Context and leadership energy
  7. Content and entrepeneurship agility
  8. Collaboration and craftmanschip quality
  9. Momentum – Coaching and Facilitating
  10. Action – Measure and Improve

The training uses best practice methods, models and frameworks such as Lean, Agile, Program and Project Management and Risk Management. In addition, a good portion of theories and skills, knowledge and skills, which support the discussions and assignments during the training.

The main purpose is to provide tools for the sustainable leadership development of you personally and for your organization.

GOLF Community Forum

All participants are given the opportunity to participate in the Green Online Leadership Forum from the start of the process. GOLF is our Green Leadership network of sustainable leaders who mutually exchange knowledge and experiences.

The Global Goals
Sustainable Leadership

General about the training


No specific pre-education is required for the 3-days Sustainable Leadership Course. Higher Profession Education working and thinking level is expected.

Training material

Handouts, Mentimeter (for the exercises), Practice materials (templates and instructions).


You pay the investment of € 2.495 (including e-books and materials, excluding VAT) on the basis of the invoice you receive by email.

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