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#GPM-b certification for professionals.     

Maximize sustainability in a project or assignment through a thorough deployment of P5.

The GPM-b certification is the first globally recognized sustainable project management credential for professionals.

How do you add the value “Sustainability” to your current projects?

We quickly look at making the right things and forget about doing things right.

The Green Project Management (GPM-B) training is about changing the existing. Of what has rusted, of what we’ve always done that way. But it’s also about looking ahead, getting energized and learning new things. In the training we provide tools, techniques and a mindset that provide guidance for the deep valleys of change.

The 1st step in the GPM-B training is to gain insight into the 17 SDGs that we have designated as the world. We teach you how to read, combine and use this.

In the 2nd part we take you into the world of PRiSM. A project management method consisting of processes, documents, flow and other useful information to properly manage your progress.

In the last step we deal with P5. P5 is the link between the 17SDGs and PRiSM. The P5 structure consists of 5 topics that are subdivided into a number of subs and actions in which you can shape the improvements towards a sustainable and social organization in greater depth.

In addition to giving you a new vision of the future, we prepare you with discussions, exercises and short theoretical sessions for the GPM-b™ exam. This exam can be taken online at a time of your choosing.

GPM Driving Sustainable Change
P5 Standard
GPM P5 Standard
The SDGs

GPM-b™ training: Duration and Exam

We will give you an insight into the different aspects of the system, including the duration of the training and the exam that will take place at the end of the training.

The basic GPM-b™ training, to which RPL (see Exam section) applies, takes 2 days.

Stakeholder engagement, Sustainable procurement, Risk and opportunity management, Success criteria, Requirements, design, delivery, Breakdowns, Estimating and budgeting, Scheduling, Change control, Team building & Progress reporting.

The GPM-b™ training courses are preparatory to the GPM-b™ exam (which is part of the training but must be booked separately). In addition to the training, a minimum of 20 hours of study is required.

The Global Goals

PRiSM™, P5™ & GPM-b™ are copyrighted and may only be used with expressed written consent.

General about the GPM-b™ trainings


No specific pre-education is required for the 2-day training. Higher professional education working and thinking level

Training material

Handouts, Mentimeter (for the exercises), Practice materials (templates and instructions) and Books “Sustainable Project Management” and “The GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management”


The investment of € 1295 (including book, materials and GPM-b exam, excluding VAT) is paid on the basis of the invoice you receive by email.

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