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GPM Driving Sustainable Change

GPM-b™ | Certified Green Project Manager — Level B

The GPM-b certification is the first globally recognized sustainable project management credential for professionals. Through this certification, professionals demonstrate their knowledge of delivering projects or assignments using sustainable methods.

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This training provides the fundamental knowledge for sustainability certification. This knowledge is based on all parts of the life cycle of a project. The maximization of sustainability in a project or assignment is achieved through a thorough use of P5 and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in a PRiSM™ process method. GPM mainly looks at the construction and delivery of goods and services, in order to improve them and adopt measurable standards that take into account social, environmental and economic impacts. In this way we learn to produce, think and measure sustainably in Projects.

In the training we prepare you with discussions, exercises and short theoretical sessions for the GPM-b™ exam. This exam can be taken online at a time of your choosing.

GPM P5 Standard

Target audience

You and all your colleagues who are interested in working more sustainably. You don’t necessarily have to be a project employee to find this interesting. In addition to the way of working (GPM), we also teach you the mindset of sustainable working.

The Global Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs.


In our 2-day GPM-b™ training, focus and attention is given to the sustainable project methodology PRiSM™ (PRojects integrating Sustainable Methods).
Stakeholder engagement, Sustainable procurement, Risk and opportunity management, Success criteria, Requirements, design, delivery, Breakdowns, Estimating and budgeting, Scheduling, Change control, Team building & Progress reporting.

The GPM-b™ training courses are preparatory to the GPM-b™ exam (which is part of the training but must be booked separately). In addition to the training, a minimum of 20 hours of study is required.


The GPM-b™ training courses include the following:

  • Laying the foundation for successful sustainable Projects.
    • Introduction
    • What is GPM and the Sustainability Commitment.
    • Sustainability
    • UN Global Compact
    • UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Business case
    • Sustainability management plan
    • PRiSM™ methodology
    • PRiSM™ project lifecycle
    • P5 impact analysis
    • GPM-b Exam
  • Explanation about the integration of P5 and SDGs, how this works and how it is achieved.
  • The difference in management style and approach of a Green Project Manager, necessary to successfully implement GPM-b™ projects, is made clear and compared with “traditional” projects.
  • How is a PRiSM™ project executed?
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Processes
    • Products
  • The specific handling of the business case in the PRiSM™ lifecycle. To improve the success of a project and at the same time achieve the intended business results through the involvement of the stakeholders. In addition, the connection and translation of the Business strategy in GPM-b™ projects to ensure feedback and effective sustainability controls.

Preliminary education

  • No specific previous education is required for the three-day training
  • HBO work and thinking level


  • Handouts
  • Mentimeter (for the purpose of the exercises), Exercise materials (templates and instructions)
  • Books  “Sustainable Project Management” and “The GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management”


For an in-company trajectory on location, it is best to contact info@greenleadership.nl. For individual registrations, download our price overview for the current price information:

The price list for training and exams – Prijzen_Ctrl-Improve_trainingen.pdf (download 325Kb).


Currently, the GPM-b™ exam is available in English, Spanish and Polish.

Do you already have project experience and are you certified? Recognition of Prior Learning Experience (RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning) is granted for one of the following credentials:

  • Master’s Degree in Project or Program Management from an accredited college or university
  • Master’s Degree in Sustainability or Sustainable Development, with a concentration in Project or Program Management, from an accredited college or university
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in project or program management, from an accredited college or university
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering, with a concentration in project or program management, from an accredited college or university
  • AIPM certification, CPPM, CPSPM, or CPPD
  • IPMA certification, Level A, B, C, or D
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner (not foundation)
  • PMI certification, PMP or PgMP
  • Other references with the prior written approval of GPM’s Director of Certification.

How is the exam structured?

The GPM-b assessment process is a multiple choice exam:

With RPL: seventy-five (75) questions in ninety (90) minutes about The GPM P5™ Standard for Sustainability in Project Management and about chapters 1-6 of Sustainable Project Management: The GPM Reference Guide.

Without RPL: One hundred and fifty (150) questions in three (3) hours on The GPM P5™ Standard for Sustainability in Project Management and on chapters 1-6 of Sustainable Project Management: The GPM Reference Guide.

If the certification is granted, it will be valid for five (5) years.

The exams are taken online via request by Ctrl-Improve, at GPM (the Green Project Management Organization). This can be done on the last day after the training, or at a later moment that is more convenient for you.

Once we have ordered the exam, you have one year from that day to take it.

Would you like to know more or receive a quote for an in-company group process or an individual registration? Or do you just have a question about this process? Please contact info@greenleadership.nl

The next open enrollment training is scheduled for January 19, 2023 in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. It is a two-day on-site training in Dutch, with English material and exam.
Sign up via: https://forms.office.com/r/nBsr3wCwWB

PRiSM™, P5™ & GPM-b™ are copyrighted and may only be used with expressed written consent.